Frequently Asked Questions

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Will movers take my bed apart?

Chicago Best Movers offers the service of disassembly and reassembly of your furniture included in our standard moving rates. This means that our movers will arrive fully equipped with wrapping materials, moving dollies, and tools to take your heavy furniture apart and handle it safely at both locations.

Will movers move IKEA furnitre?

Our moving specialists at Chicago Best Movers always advise our clients to have their IKEA furniture already disassembled by the time our movers arrive to your location, as IKEA furniture is much less sturdy in comparison to the other furniture you may own. We don’t want to risk the safety of your belongings, which is why it is best to have your IKEA pieces taken apart beforehand.

Why tip movers?

We are a fully licensed moving company, which means that our movers work for their paychecks, and we do not include tips in our rates. If our movers have provided you with a smooth relocation, and did a great job overall, you are always free to tip them as much as you would like, it is completely up to you.

How do movers and packers charge?

When you hire Chicago Best Movers and Packers, we will provide you with a complete door-to-door service, that will save you a lot of time and effort during your relocation as our movers will professionally pack and prepare your belongings before relocating them to their new destination. We require an additional mover on the job to assist with the packers and movers service, and we do not charge anything additionally for this service. We do charge packing supplies per item used, and you are always free to contact us for more information regarding this service.

Will movers move a gun safe?

Yes, Chicago Best Movers will move your safe if it doesn’t exceed 450lbs and is completely empty. Our movers are specifically trained to safely handle heavy items, and will have no trouble moving your safe. It is important to mention that you will be moving a gun safe beforehand, so keep that in mind when giving us a call.

Will movers move alcohol?

Flammables, toxic liquids and solids, firearms, chemicals and other hazardous/poisonous items that might be harmful will not be moved by Chicago Best Movers. We don’t want to put our movers, your belongings and your entire relocation in danger by moving these items, which is why we strongly advise you to relocate them on your own. You are always free to give us a call and ask us about a specific item that you are planning to move.

How many movers do I need to hire?

When it comes to determining the number of movers needed to complete your relocation, there are many aspects to consider. The complexity and size of your move, special and heavy items, and if you are needing any additional services such as packing are some of the factors that are taken into consideration when deciding on the best quantity of movers for your move. Your sales representative will assess the size of your move and suggest the best number of movers for your specific relocation.

Will movers pack for you?

Chicago Best Movers provides our clients with a few packing options to choose from. When relocating on your own, but need help with packing your belongings, you can request our packing assistance service. When you have already packed most of your belongings but need help with some items on moving day, that may be heavy or fragile, you can request our partial packing service during which we will only help finish up the packing process and relocate them, and our full packing service or packers and movers service, during which we will complete your entire move from start to finish.

Will movers move plants?

Our movers will move your plants as long as they aren’t higher than 2ft, however, we always advise our clients to transport plants on their own. This is due to the fact that there is not effective way of wrapping or protecting your plants during transit, and we wouldn’t want to damage or harm them in any way. This is completely optional.

When do movers get paid?

You can pay our movers once they finish up your relocation and settle you into your new home. They will calculate the time it took to complete your move and that is how much you will end up paying, with no hidden charges popping up on your bill. We do not collect any payments before your move is completed.

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