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Getting a quote from us is free and you are not obligated to book our services. Our sales consultants will help you plan and organize your local move.


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We want to provide you with a pleasant experience from the moment you call us for the first time, and make sure that you feel completely supported throughout the entire relocation process.


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Our rates are affordable and we will make sure you are prepared for your local move the best possible way.


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The way Chicago Best Movers became one of the leading local moving companies in Chicago is only through hard work and dedication, and by investing a lot of time and money in our movers, moving techniques, equipment and moving trucks. 

  • Professional movers and packers
  • The best quality moving assistance
  • Licenced and insured
  • Safety is guaranteed

Our Services

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Local Moving

At Chicago Best Movers, we will provide you with complete professional organization during your upcoming local move. Our customized moving solutions will turn your local move into a smooth, streamlined process. 

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Residential Moving

When moving house gets difficult for you and your family, we can be the easy solution to your residential moving problems. Hire Chicago Best Movers for your upcoming relocation and turn it into an easy experience.

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Apartment Moving

When moving with Chicago Best Movers, the success of your upcoming apartment move is guaranteed. We have seen and moved it all, and know exactly how to provide you with a service you will be fully content with.

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Commercial Moving

When you need help with moving your business, we are the guys you should call. Chicago Best Movers offers the best commercial moving solutions that will make your upcoming business move seem like a breeze with our efficient and effective services.

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Storage In and Out

Hire experienced storage movers that know exactly how to provide you with an efficient storage moving service. Chicago Best Movers are at your disposal 7 days a week, ready to assist you with your storage moving needs.

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Packing Service

The packers at Chicago Best Movers have mastered the art of packing and saving you from the hassle. We will flawlessly prepare and protect your items for their upcoming relocation.

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Packers and Movers

Our packers and movers will provide you with the option of saving a lot of time during your relocation. Choosing this service from Chicago Best Movers will remove the element of stress from moving, as our dedicated packers and movers tackle your relocation on your behalf. 

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Labor-only Moving

When you need help with conducting a move without a truck, we will be happy to assist you with your project. Taking care of your on-site moving project will never be easier than with Chicago Best Movers.

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Chicago Best Movers offers the service of disassembly and reassembly of your furniture included in our standard moving rates. This means that our movers will arrive fully equipped with wrapping materials, moving dollies, and tools to take your heavy furniture apart and handle it safely at both locations.


Our moving specialists at Chicago Best Movers always advise our clients to have their IKEA furniture already disassembled by the time our movers arrive to your location, as IKEA furniture is much less sturdy in comparison to the other furniture you may own. We don’t want to risk the safety of your belongings, which is why it is best to have your IKEA pieces taken apart beforehand.

We are a fully licensed moving company, which means that our movers work for their paychecks, and we do not include tips in our rates. If our movers have provided you with a smooth relocation, and did a great job overall, you are always free to tip them as much as you would like, it is completely up to you.

You can pay our movers once they finish up your relocation and settle you into your new home. They will calculate the time it took to complete your move and that is how much you will end up paying, with no hidden charges popping up on your bill. We do not collect any payments before your move is completed.

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